Top 10 Best Netflix Romance Movies – 2022

Top 10 Best Netflix Romance Movies – 2022 Summer is a great time for romance! Although, sometimes it’s a little less messy to experience romance play out on the big screen rather than being in the thick of it yourself.…

Top 10 Best Netflix Romance Movies – 2022
Summer is a great time for romance! Although, sometimes it’s a little less messy to experience romance play out on the big screen rather than being in the thick of it yourself. It should be no surprise that Netflix has a massive collection of romantic movies.
Hey guys welcome to your entertainment channel Netflix Tops, where we will tell you about the top rated movies and series on Netflix! So, grab your popcorn and stay with us till the end of this video because today’s video is going to list down the top 10 Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix. So, let’s get started!
Ignoring the potential problems that Woody Allen wrote and directed this film — can you separate art from the artist? — this 2011 fantasy film was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, winning for Best Original Screenplay. It stars Owen Wilson as a man vacationing in Paris with his wife (Rachel McAdams) who, while walking the rues on his own after becoming disenchanted with his wife, time travels back to the 1920s with famous figures We should all leave true love to the people who know it best: teenagers! In this 2018 Netflix original rom-com, Elle (Joey King) has the bright idea to run a kissing booth for a fundraiser at her high school, If you’re in the mood for The Notebook, then… you better have HBO Max. But if you want to see another Nicholas Sparks adaptation and don’t mind one that is a lot worse, then fire up Safe Haven. Julianne Hough stars as Katie, a woman on the run from her past who settles down in a small town on the North Carolina coast and is warmly welcomed,

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