Sci-Fi Short Film: “Like Us” | DUST

Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App: A lonely woman who takes care of her paralyzed husband saves an alien who cannot experience emotions. As she tries to teach it what it’s like to be human, she discovers that…

Sci-Fi Short Film: "Like Us" | DUST


Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App:

A lonely woman who takes care of her paralyzed husband saves an alien who cannot experience emotions. As she tries to teach it what it’s like to be human, she discovers that feelings can be misleading.

“Like Us” by Mikhail Saburov

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“Like Us” Credits:
Writer/Director – Mikhail Saburov
Cinematographer – Ryan Kerr
Producer – Timur Khanachet
Editor – Yu “York” Fu

Kathie – Louise Martin
Rogl – Sigrid Owen
Jim – Derek Loughran

Stunt Coordinator – Tommy Primo
Unit Production Managers – Ben Wright, Dennis Stephens
First Assistant Director – Rachel Penner
Second Assistant Directors – Kate Lugtu, Austin Barrett
Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator – Dae Hyun Kim
First Assistant Camera – Saulius Lukosevicius
Second Assistant Camera – Michelle Suh
DIT/Still Phtographer – Mitchy McGhan
Line Producer – Shincy Lu
Script Supervisor – Lana Marks
Production Coordinator – Katerina Frederickson
Gaffer – Robert Hunter
Key Grip – Jonas Fischer
Dolly Grip -Taylor Frontier
Best Grip – Patrick Hyatt
Grips – Cole Egilsson, Aiden Keltner, Russel Louden, Spencer Hagerman
Swings – Matt Hayward, Evan Gerin, Jose Caldera , Joe Failla, Julian Ross
Best Electric – Monica Mejia
Electricians – Nichole Ruiz, Noah Kelly, Emma Juncosa, Clay Pacatte, Jens Ericson
Location Manager – Carlos Rodriguez
Assistant Editor – Kartikye Gupta
Story Editor – Wilandrea Blair
Production Sound Mixer – Adam Borel
Boom Operator – Alfred Daugherty
Additional Photography / Sound Mixer – Brandon Sequeira
Art Directors – Janhavi Naik, Mickey Wong, Jimmy Hang
Art Department Assistants – Natalie Obando, Hailey Shao, Haleah Demiro, Laura Seaman, Brittany Ballantyne
Costume Designer – Christina Lim
Hair and Make-up Stylist – Kali Mann
SFX Make-up Artist – Shaina Paulson
Makeup Assistant – Amanda Pouls
Weapon Wrangler – Dennis Stephens
Visual Effects Supervisor / Visual Effects Artist – Bill Taylor, ASC
Additional Visual Effects by Torpedo Pictures Post Sound Services Provided by TAB Sound Design
Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer – William Tabanou Foley Mixer / Artist – Greg Mauer
Foley Artist – Doug Madick
Dialogue Editor – Ruge Sun
Additional Post Sound Services Provided by Monkeyland Audio
Digital Intermediate by FotoKem Creative Services
Digital Intermediate Colorist – Alastor Arnold
Digital Intermediate Producer – Claire Iannelli
Transportation Coordinator – Mike Hellerstein
Driver – Walter Spohn
Key Set PA – Austin Barrett
Production Assistants – Ercoli Crugnale, Pablo Zamorano, Jennifer Carlson, Keela Ross
Catering – B&G Catering
Animal Trainers – Animals for Hollywood, Tracy Kelly, Linda Rowe
First Aid – McKinley Murphy

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